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Innovation for change

On January 8, 2011, the "First Vocational Education and Call Center Industry Development Summit Forum and School-Enterprise Cooperation Order Cultivation Conference" hosted by the Teaching Working Committee of the Chinese Vocational and Technical Education Society was grandly held in Beijing Water City.


Prof. Xie Youlang, Secretary-General of the Chinese Vocational and Technical Education Society, Dr. Yang Ke, Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education, Zhao Jingquan, Chairman of Beijing University of Applied Sciences, and Zhang Li, Executive Principal Mr. Li Hongwei, Manager of the Training Department of the Education Branch, Mr. Cao Hongpo, Director of CEAC's National Informatization Training and Certification Management Office, Mr. Duncan Cowie, CEO of Beijing Xiangyu Wanjing Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and Ms. Wang Hongxia, Head of Harbin Second Vocational Middle School, etc. Meet and speak. More than a hundred well-known companies including Ping An Group, China Mobile, Baidu, Beijing Telecom Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Thermal Power Group, Lenovo Group, Haier Group, Sunshine Insurance Group, Beijing Unicom, Xinhua Life Insurance, etc. participated in the forum and brought in 2011 corporate employment Order. 120 leaders from 86 colleges and universities in 49 prefectures and cities in 20 provinces attended the conference. Congratulatory messages were also sent from the Education Department of Liaoning Province, the Education Department of Anhui Province, the Education Department of Inner Mongolia, the Vocational Education Office of the Education Department of Shanxi Province, and nearly 100 colleges and training institutions. China Education Daily, China Youth Daily, China Education Television, Sina.com, Sohu.com, Xinhua.com and other media interviewed and reported on the conference.

At the meeting, the "industry-university-integration" school running model of Beijing University of Applied Sciences and Beijing Yingda Information Industry Research Institute, as well as a systematic solution on the cultivation and use of call center talents, attracted heated discussion among participants. Call center talent cultivation in 2011 Order signing is hot.


Some analysts said that the global call center market revenue in 2010 reached 195 billion US dollars, North America and Europe dominate this market, call center service revenue accounted for about 85% of the global market share, the industry has great potential in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the 2010 China Call Center Industry Development Research Report, by 2012, the total number of agents in China's outsourced call centers will reach 100,000, and the cumulative revenue in 2012 will reach 24 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 25%.

"We just saw that the demand for call center business in the world is growing rapidly, so we focus on the fundamentals of human resources and conduct targeted call talent training." Zhang Li, executive president of Beijing University of Applied Sciences, said in the keynote report. In 2007, our school took the lead in opening the first college in the country with various call center specialties; it introduced foreign advanced call center talent standards and technical standards, and developed its own professional teaching materials, which has now been published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press It was officially listed in the directory of vocational education textbooks by the Ministry of Education; and it invested ten million yuan to build a call center training base and operating platform with domestic advanced level, serving the society while providing student training and employment services. Hand in hand with various types of vocational and technical colleges and large domestic service outsourcing companies at all levels in the country to establish a professional student supply chain, qualified personnel training chain and human resource supply chain in the service outsourcing industry, which has provided services for Ping An of China, Lenovo Group, China Mobile, China The call centers of many companies such as China Unicom, China Construction Bank, and so on have sent a large number of post specialists. And it has become the only "National Call Center Vocational Examination and Certification Center" for CEAC national computerized computer education certification.

Xie Youlang, Secretary General of Chinese Vocational and Technical Education Society

Department of Vocational and Adult Education, Ministry of Education

Deputy Director of Education Bureau of Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

Duncan Cowie, CEO of Beijing Xiangyu Wanjing Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Hongwei, Manager of Training Department, Vocational Education Branch, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Zhang Li, Executive President of Beijing University of Applied Sciences and Executive Dean of Beijing Institute of Information Industry

Deputy Director of CEAC Information Training and Certification Management Office

Headmaster of Harbin Second Vocational Middle School

"At present, China's call center industry is experiencing explosive growth. At the same time, the talent bottleneck inhibits the rapid and rapid development of the industry. The characteristics of the rapid development of major cities in the country are facing severe call center talent shortages. "Duncan Cowie, senior expert in the international call center industry, said in his speech. This shortage is related to the characteristics of the call center industry. The call center industry is an industry that is staff-intensive, knowledge-intensive, and technology-intensive. It requires talent not only in its professional qualities, but also in its language and communication skills. , Emergency response capabilities and sound quality and tones have high requirements. Therefore, it is particularly scarce to carry out targeted order-type talent cultivation according to the needs of enterprises. Yingda's school-integrated school-running model, which cooperates with enterprises and vocational colleges, and interacts positively to promote the country by region and the profession by the profession, has not only sent urgently needed talents to many enterprises, but also established vocational education reform in China It has set an excellent example and played an important role in promoting the direction and development mode of vocational education talents.