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Logistics Engineering
This specialty trains practical, high-level specialized talents who are required to develop in all aspects of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness in the construction of a socialist market economy. In terms of ideological, political and moral cultivation: support the party's basic line, love the motherland, have the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly; abide by disciplines and laws, have good social public morals and professional ethics. Business knowledge and ability: focus on integrated logistics management, focus on learning of basic knowledge, improvement of basic quality and training of basic business ability. At the same time, combine with certification examinations for senior logistics staff and single staff members to train students to be professional The combination of knowledge and practical application ability to achieve the goal of applying what they have learned. Master the basic professional theories and knowledge of modern logistics management, cultivate the understanding of logistics business management, the ability to analyze and solve problems, have the practical operation capabilities of various aspects of logistics management, and adapt to the requirements of modern logistics management; initially master computer applications Technology and modern information management technology are engaged in logistics enterprise management, with the knowledge and ability level of assistant logistics managers.

major course:

Logistics engineering major: modern logistics management, logistics information technology, supply chain management, barcode technology and application, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and application, logistics information system management, cargo intelligent tracking and positioning (GIS and GPS technology), JAVA program design , Logistics cost management and control, machinery design foundation, procurement management and inventory control, transportation economics, logistics information system, modern logistics simulation technology, transportation system planning, logistics equipment, logistics and supply chain management.

Internship companies:
Qinglv Logistics is a logistics segment of China Qinglv Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CYTS Industrial”). In April 2015, it was formally established, opening the door for CYTS to enter the logistics and distribution industry. At present, branches have been set up in 21 cities across the country. It is expected that by September 2018, the establishment of 31 branches across the country will be established, covering more than 300 prefectures across the country. City, more than 2,000 county-level cities.