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Internet banking

With the rapid development of Internet information technologies such as social networks, mobile payments, big data, and cloud services, changes in mass consumption patterns, modern financial concepts have also changed, and the Internet and the financial industry have gradually merged into one. Internet finance has developed into a major category of mainstream finance, which has brought great impact to the traditional financial industry. The birth of a large number of new Internet financial companies and institutions has also generated a huge demand for talents in the Internet financial industry. The talents required by Internet finance are compound talents. Talents in the traditional financial industry alone cannot meet their needs. They need a new type of people who understand the traditional business of finance and have Internet innovative thinking. It is the responsibility of colleges and universities to cultivate talents suitable for the industry. The establishment of this major is a requirement for the development of the industry, and the purpose is to cultivate outstanding talents consistent with the development of society and industry.

Course content:

Internet finance, financial payments, financial derivatives, securities and foreign exchange investment analysis, e-commerce, Python programming, financial big data, internet financial risk management, internet financial product marketing, etc.