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Registration notice

Notes for enrollment

I. Registration Qualifications:

All recent graduates of high schools, vocational high schools, technical secondary schools, technical schools and students with equivalent academic qualifications from all over the country can apply for study.

Application Method:

1. Telephone registration: 010-53501137
2. E-mail address: Send the completed application form and photocopy to the e-mail address: zb@gegomotor.com

  1. Online Registration: Log in to www.gegomotor.com and enter the registration process.
  2. On-site registration: You can directly go to the school's admissions office for consultation and registration.

3. Admission Procedure

1. Admission letter.
2. Two copies of my ID card (A4 paper copy), or a copy of the account's home page and student's own page (A4 paper copy).
3. The medical examination certificate of the hospitals above the county level is stamped with the official seal.
4. Two originals and photocopies of graduation certificate or academic certificate (A4 paper copy).
5. Four one-inch color photos.
6. A copy of the father's or mother's ID card (can be transferred to party or league relations, not files and household registration).