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Tourism management
This major is to cultivate the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty, possess the basic knowledge of tourism enterprise management, be familiar with the basic skills of tourism enterprise services and management, and be able to travel in tourism agencies, tourist scenic areas, star hotels and tourism groups The unit is engaged in advanced technical application professionals in travel agency operation and management, tour guide explanation, hotel service and management, tourism product planning and marketing, and scenic area management.

Course content:
Professional Compulsory
1. Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of tourism and the tourism industry
2. Understand the development context of today's tourism activities, the impact of tourism activities, tourism industry management and tourism education issues Modern hotel management
Professional Compulsory
1.Master the basic knowledge of each department in the hotel
2. Grasp the development trend of modern hotel tourism economics
Professional Compulsory
1. The emergence and development of tourism economics; the tourism market and its supply relationship
2. Management and decision-making of tourism economy
3. Prospects of tourism economics
Professional Compulsory
1.Understand tourist attractions around the world and their customs
2. Learn the basic situation of 24 major tourist sources or potential source countries in Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. Tourism Public Relations
Professional Compulsory
1. Subjects, objects and media of tourism public relations, tourism public relations etiquette, tourism public relations thematic activities
2. Dealing with the crisis of tourism public relations, the basis of language guides for tourism public relations
Professional Compulsory
1. Appreciation of ancient Chinese architecture, appreciation of Chinese classical gardens, Chinese cuisine, tourism literature
2. Tourism policies and regulations related to national customs, religious culture, and tourism resource surveys
Professional Compulsory
1. Travel contract laws and regulations, travel agency management regulations, guide and leader management regulations, outbound tourism and inbound tourism management regulations, tourism complaint management regulations, tourism accommodation management regulations, tourism resource management regulations, tourism transportation management laws and regulations, and tourism safety management Regulations, laws and regulations on the protection of tourism consumer rights, and international tourism management regulations
Professional Compulsory
1.Introduced the basic concepts of tour guides, the basic principles of tour guide services, the operating specifications and art of tour guide services, and some basic common knowledge that tour guides need to understand
2. Cultivate the ability of tour guides to independently discover, analyze, and solve problems.
tourism Culture
Professional Compulsory
1. Overview of World Tourism Culture
2. Tourism subject culture, tourism object culture, and tourism media culture
3. Tourism Culture Outlook Tourism Etiquette
Professional Compulsory
1. Etiquette and professional image of tourism practitioners, daily communication etiquette of tourism practitioners
2. The etiquette of main positions of tourism practitioners, foreign etiquette of tourism practitioners, and folk etiquette of tourism practitioners
3. The specific requirements for personal etiquette of service personnel and the etiquette of post work process in tourism occupations
Professional Compulsory
1. Mainly introduce the basic concepts and concepts of tourism marketing
2. Introduces marketing services and management of tourist hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, tourist attractions, and tourist destinations.
Professional Compulsory
1.Introduced service specifications and skills such as reception services, commentary services, and commercial services
2. Introduced the management concepts and methods of visitor management, environmental management, safety management, marketing management, and service quality management, which comprehensively reflected the focus and key tourism psychology of service and management in tourist attractions
Professional Compulsory
1.Introduce the objects, tasks and research methods of tourism psychology and the research model of tourism behavior
2. Tourist psychology, focusing on explaining tourism behavior from the perspectives of psychology, sociology, and anthropology, and exploring the relationship between tourism marketing strategies and tourist behavior
3. The management psychology of tourism enterprises, elaborate the theories of management psychology of various classics and modern schools, and study the behavior characteristics and psychological rules of each level of individuals, groups, leaders, and organizations.
4. Psychology of service for tourism companies, an overview of the psychological factors of travel agencies, tourism transportation, and hotel services known as the three pillars of tourism
Professional Compulsory
1. The current status of international and domestic development of the convention and exhibition industry, and from the perspective of tourism, combined with practical cases, the development and prospects of the convention and exhibition industry in China are discussed and analyzed.
Tourism Resources and Development
Professional Compulsory
1. Overview of tourism resources, mainly from four aspects: introduction, classification of tourism resources, natural tourism resources, and cultural tourism resources
2. The development of tourism resources, mainly from the introduction of tourism resources development, tourism resources investigation and evaluation, feasibility research of tourism resources development, tourism destination image positioning, tourism market analysis and positioning
3. Tourism resource management, which mainly highlights the importance of tourism resource quality management and tourism resource environment management in tourism resource management. Tourism e-commerce
Professional Compulsory
1. Describe the characteristics and technical adaptability of tourism e-commerce, and describe the basic technology and methods of tourism e-commerce
2. Describes the specific application of information technology in hotels, travel agencies, scenic spots, restaurants, airlines and other industries, summarizes the operational characteristics of tourism e-commerce, and proposes planning ideas and design methods for e-commerce strategy
Professional Compulsory
1. Basic concepts, subject attributes, research content and basic research methods of tourism ecology, basic concepts, composition, structure and service functions of tourism ecosystem
2. Basic theories of ecology and tourism science, the impact of the natural ecological environment of the tourist destination on tourists, the impact of the social and cultural environment of the tourist destination on tourists, and the impact of tourism activities on the natural ecological and cultural environment
3. Tourism resources evaluation and ecological planning, basic concepts of ecological tourism and its standardized construction, tourism ecological management, sustainable tourism development, and ecological construction of tourism, etc. are required for the professional management of travel agencies.
1. Starting from the emergence and development of travel agencies, the nature, status, and role of travel agencies are described, and the functions, operations, and classification of travel agencies
2. Focused on the organization management and business plan of travel agencies, market segmentation and positioning, product development and design, pricing, promotion and sales, procurement business, hospitality business, customer management and quality management, financial management, e-commerce, etc.


China Youth Tourism Industry Group implements the "Cultural Tourism +" strategy. Its subordinate tourism and cultural enterprises include Zhongqing Chengtou Group, Shanghai Huaihai International Plaza, Suzhou Jingsi Garden Scenic Area, Hainan Qixianling Hot Spring Resort, Lushan Baihuagu Scenic Area, and Zhongqing Dozens of tourist attractions such as Yiyou.com and five-star high-end hotels. The group has established good cooperative relationships with thousands of travel agencies and tens of thousands of tour guides. The self-operated scenic spots and alliance scenic spots cover all parts of the country. Tourism real estate resources cover Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shantou and other important cities; the Group is committed to building a comprehensive tourism concept and is committed to using the most perfect.