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2019 Admissions Brochure
Beijing college of applied technology

2019 Admissions Brochure

【School profile】

Beijing Institute of Applied Technology (formerly Beijing University of Applied Sciences) was established in 1986. It is a full-time, comprehensive, non-educational, non-educational higher education institution approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (school license number: No. 111010020000030). An educational platform integrating talent cultivation, talent use, and human resource export. In 2017, a subsidiary of China Youth Tourism Industry Group and Beijing College of Applied Technology jointly established a Youth Tourism Education Base. The College officially became the designated base for China Youth Tourism Industry Group's high-end professional talent training and training.
The college advocates the vocational education concept of "starting at the end" and creates a talent training model of "practical training". The Education Base has Beijing Institute of Information Industry, which is committed to introducing enterprise standards, cooperating with schools and enterprises, creating industry standards, and introducing international standards. The college positions applied technology to train practical talents. The college has the courage to take on social responsibilities, adhere to the love project, take Ctrip's love, pay, and high salaries, build a high-tech talent training base, and start a new career-oriented, practical training-based approach to professional and international talent training.
The college has rigorous academic management and distinctive characteristics. It always regards "cultivating scientific and technical talents and management cadres with good overall quality, strong comprehensive ability, and application-oriented occupations" as its purpose of running the school; and "demand-oriented, practical training as a means to Courses are changed to channels, with employment as the goal "as the guiding ideology;" to run its own unique university, serve the revitalization of China, satisfy the country's society, and reassure students' parents "as the goal of struggle. Beijing College of Applied Technology will seize the development opportunities given by history, adhere to the direction of vocational education, seek new development of practical training, strive to build a brand of practical training, and work for the construction of a standardized system of production, learning and research.

【Campus Environment】

[Group Profile]
China Youth Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Youth Tourism Industry Group") was established in January 1993, and was initiated by China Youth Travel Agency Headquarters (now "China Youth Tourism Group Company"). China Youth Tourism Industry Group actively adapts to the new normal of economic development, adheres to reform and innovation, is people-oriented, and develops rapidly.
The group's annual operating income and total assets are more than 100 billion yuan. It has subsidiaries in provinces and overseas countries and regions, especially in the five major industries of cultural tourism, health, supply chain logistics, financial services, new energy and trade. It has gradually formed its industrial advantages and influence, and has become a diversified large-scale enterprise group.
China Youth Travel Industry Group is determined to become a service provider of healthy, happy and beautiful life with social respect, shareholder trust, and employee satisfaction, and provide the public with better products and services.

[Admissions Notice]

I. Admission Requirements
All recent graduates of high schools, vocational high schools, technical secondary schools, technical schools and students with equivalent academic qualifications from all over the country can apply for study.
Application Method
1. Telephone registration: 010-53501136
2. E-mail address: Send the completed application form and photocopy to the e-mail address: bjyyjs@163.com
3. Online Registration: Log in to www.gegomotor.com and enter the registration process.
4. On-site registration: You can directly go to the college admissions office for consultation and registration.
3. Admissions Procedure :
1. Admission letter.
2. Two copies of my ID card (A4 paper copy), or a copy of the account's home page and the student's own page (A4 paper copy).
3. Two originals and copies of graduation certificate or academic certificate (A4 paper copy).
4. Four one-inch color photos.
Fourth, charging standards:
Tuition: See the list of admissions majors. Textbook materials fee: 600 yuan / year (more refunds and less supplements); military training fee: 500 yuan; accommodation costs: 3000 yuan / year (for 8 persons), 3500 yuan / year (for 6 persons), 4000 yuan / year (individual bathroom) ; Bedding and daily necessities: 500 yuan; public property deposit: 500 yuan; insurance: 100 yuan / year. All the above expenses of the Loving Education Employment Program are waived.
V. Refund Standard:
In the case of withdrawal from school, the refund shall be implemented in accordance with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission's "Administrative Measures for the Refund of Private Schools in Beijing" (Jingjiao Min [2009] No. 3 Document).

I. Health Management
major course
基础医学、预防医学概论、中医学基础、循证医学基础、健康管理概论、营养学基础、运动与健康、服务管理、卫生事业管理、社区健康管理、医药企业管理、养老机构管理人体解剖学、生理学、生物化学、药理学、病理学、诊断学、护理学基础、内科护理学、外科护理学、儿科护理、老年护理、社区护理、急救护理、营养及饮食学、预防医学等。 Health Management : Basic Medicine, Introduction to Preventive Medicine, Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Basics of Evidence-based Medicine, Introduction to Health Management, Basics of Nutrition, Exercise and Health, Service Management, Health Care Management, Community Health Management, Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management, Management of Old-age Care Institutions Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Diagnostics, Basic Nursing, Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Community Nursing, First Aid Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Preventive Medicine, etc. . , Health information management, etc.
Main employment directions
China Youth Travel Industry Medical Industry Group's holdings include China Health Industry Fund, Beijing 21st Century Hospital, Beijing and the elderly care institutions throughout the country, and care products and services enterprises.

Tourism Management
major course  
Tourism service etiquette, tourism economics, tour guide practice, tourism marketing, tourist source country profile, tourism resource evaluation and development, tourism route design, catering management, etc.

Main employment directions

China Youth Tourism Industry Group implements the "Cultural Tourism +" strategy. Its subordinate tourism and cultural enterprises include Zhongqing Chengtou Group, Shanghai Huaihai International Plaza, Suzhou Jingsi Garden Scenic Area, Hainan Qixianling Hot Spring Resort, Lushan Baihuagu Scenic Area, and Zhongqing Dozens of tourist attractions such as Yiyou.com and five-star high-end hotels. The group has established good cooperative relationships with thousands of travel agencies and tens of thousands of tour guides. The self-operated scenic spots and alliance scenic spots cover all parts of the country. Tourism real estate resources cover Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shantou and other important cities; the Group is committed to building a comprehensive tourism concept and is committed to serving the public with the most perfect tourism products.
Service and management of call center
major course
Customer Service Management Major: Consumer Psychology, Customer Complaint and Handling, Call Center Practice, Call Center Service Outsourcing Practice, Call Telephony Design, Marketing, Telemarketing Affairs, Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising , Marketing channel management, marketing planning, etc. Call center performance management and data analysis.
Main employment directions
Bank, communications, logistics, e-commerce, government hotline and other related call center companies.
Application of computer technology
major course
Advanced mathematics, computer English, JAVA programming, Linux operating system, Hadoop platform deployment and operation and maintenance, data warehouse and data mining technology, Python programming, data visualization design and development.
Main employment directions
Large and Medium Internet Companies
Basic positions that can be engaged in: Big data document writing, big data collection cleaning and transformation; Big data technology posts: Big data system construction and operation and maintenance, massive database management, big data software development, big data visualization, big data analysis
Related positions : Big data sales service positions: big data marketing, big data calling, big data after-sales service.
Advanced positions : management positions and senior technical positions in big data technology companies
V. Urban Rail Transit Operation Management
major course
Introduction to Urban Rail Transit, Urban Rail Station Equipment, Urban Rail Communication and Signaling, Automatic Ticketing System and Ticket Management, Urban Rail Passenger Transport Service, Urban Rail Passenger Organization, Urban Rail Traffic Organization, Urban Rail Safety Management, Urban Rail Transit English Conversation .
Main employment directions
Rail transit operation enterprises, rail transit equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc.
School location and transportation route map:

College official website: www.gegomotor.com
College Admissions Consulting Tel: 010-53501136
School Address: South of Shipaifang Village, Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing
Postal Code: 102200
Route: 1500 meters from the Ming Tombs exit of Changping West Guanhuan Island on the Badaling Expressway
Shisanling Station on the Changping Line of the Subway