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Beijing Municipal Education Commission: Private colleges and universities enrollment bans "biggest" and "best"

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The Municipal Education Commission issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Private University Enrollment Briefing and Advertising for the 2018-2019 School Year" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" clearly states that the advocacy content of admissions shall not use descriptive words such as "maximum", "best", "first", and shall not use promised words such as "100% pass rate of examinations", "signing an employment agreement upon admission".

The "Notice" requires that private colleges, independent colleges, and private non-educational higher education with enrollment qualifications in the 2018-2019 school year must be valid if they are established or managed with the approval of the Municipal Education Commission and hold a valid "school license" and "corporate registration certificate" The institution issues admissions brochures and advertisements for filing. Recorded contents include that private colleges and universities in the city or foreign provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) use newspapers, radio, television, the Internet, outdoor advertising, unpublished printed matter and video materials to publish, broadcast, post, distribute, and mail Various forms of enrollment and school promotion information such as the 2018-2019 autumn and spring enrollment brochures, advertisements, application guides, and admission notices.

According to requirements, the main body of admissions promotion must be private colleges and universities, and it is not allowed to conduct propaganda alone in the name of internal institutions (such as secondary colleges). Photos of school conditions and teaching activities should use actual photos of the school and its staff and students, not computer-generated pictures; the pictures used must have text descriptions, and the use of person pictures must be approved by me.

The "Notice" emphasizes that the contents of recruitment promotion must not contain false, vague, exaggerated information, and must not be misleading to students and parents. The differences between academic and non-academic education must not be avoided or confused. Non-diploma education enrollment brochures and advertisements must be strictly distinguished from diploma education in terms of professional settings and certificate issuance, and must not be marked with the "school code" and "professional code" of general textbooks (specialty) enrolled by the Beijing Educational Testing Institute.

At the same time, admissions promotion must not use descriptive terms such as "maximum", "best", "first", and "100% pass rate", "employment agreement is signed", "100% employment rate", "high-paying employment, one step" "And more. It is not allowed to make false or exaggerated publicity about the school's running conditions, the strength of its teachers, the employment prospects of students, and the salary level.

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