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"Welcome Evaluation and Promote Construction" Special Working Meeting

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" Welcome Evaluation and Promote Construction" Special Working Meeting

In order to ensure the normal order of teaching and scientific research and living in the new semester, on the afternoon of March 14th, the party secretary of the dean of the college, the deputy executive dean and members of the school's main leadership team,
The special academy office meeting was held in the conference room of the academy, "welcoming evaluation and promoting construction, strengthening standards, strengthening teaching, and improving quality."

At the meeting, Dean Mi Yuqin asked all cadres and teachers of the college to standardize the teaching process, improve the logistics support of the college, strengthen fire management and food management, improve the level of education services, and ensure the successful completion of teaching evaluation.

Sun Tingting, the deputy dean of the college, proposed to strengthen the construction of students 'political and ideological work. It is necessary to start with students' learning habits and behaviors, do a good job in class construction, and manage daily student management. Based on the requirements of the college's assessment and inspection work, the Municipal Education Commission must be completed on time The inspections arranged; put forward two hopes to the teaching and research room, one is to hope that the heads of various departments will effectively perform the relevant duties, do a good job of the management of the teachers of the specialty, all aspects of teaching, and continuously improve the quality and level of teaching; Focusing on the training plan, strengthening the professional construction and perfection, and solidly, step by step to create professional disciplines with characteristics, connotations and in line with the functional positioning of the capital.

After the meeting, the college's leading cadres visited and inspected the school's infirmary, campus supermarket, student cafeteria, and dormitory living area. Suggestions were made on the spot for the chaotic environment surrounding the construction of the college's heating facility air source, and some problems were encountered in the standardized operation of the student cafeteria.

At the same time, the college's logistics department is required to overcome suffering, strengthen campus culture construction, create a campus environment with books, ensure the guarantee of teachers and students' study and life, and build a harmonious and beautiful campus.

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