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Beijing Institute of Applied Technology sets a new benchmark in call center services!

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On March 31, Ms. Sun Tingting, director of the Beijing Institute of Applied Technology and executive dean of the college, and Mr. Li Xiaojian, chairman of Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd., signed a "strategic cooperation agreement" in Beijing. "Win-win, sustainable development of strategic cooperative relationship" principle, Beijing Applied Technology Institute introduced the strategic partner Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. to improve the vocational education and training system, deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. The company and Beijing Institute of Applied Technology jointly established the Modern Call Center College of Beijing Institute of Applied Technology. Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest no less than 50 million yuan to invest in the construction of a modern and intelligent call service industry training base to provide a modern, artificial intelligence experience and training platform to cultivate more excellent Professional call service and management professionals.
The purpose of the cooperation between the two parties is to build a strategic cooperative relationship of mutual benefit, win-win and sustainable development through strategic cooperation. After signing this agreement, the two sides will refine and negotiate a series of issues such as the construction of the Beijing base of modern call center colleges, the construction of the teaching system, the training of talents, and subsequent development. After the two parties have formed a complete and final cooperation plan, the details of the cooperation will be fully implemented. In order to promote the comprehensive development of the Beijing Institute of Applied Technology, the two sides will promote all-round cooperation and win-win cooperation in the fields of school-enterprise cooperation, talent training and transmission, cultural education, production and education integration, and information big data.
It is reported that this time Beijing Institute of Applied Technology and Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated through school and enterprise, aiming at sharing superior resources, conspiring industries, and deepening the integration of production and education. The new college will be guided by the needs of the job market and based on the joint operation of schools and enterprises; use the resources of both parties to conduct education and training business with enterprises, universities and international institutions, cultivate application-oriented talents for calling professional disciplines, and reserve for industry companies Elite talents are conducive to the differentiated and characteristic development of the college in the field of vocational education, and help Qibu Technology Company to provide guarantee and support in related business areas, human resources reserves and the development of national call center bases.
Beijing Institute of Applied Technology, founded in 1986, is a full-time comprehensive private university approved by the Municipal Education Commission. It is an old private university established in Beijing earlier and with a better reputation.
After more than 30 years of development, it has trained more than 100,000 graduates for the society, with students all over the world. The college has the Beijing Institute of Information Industry, which is committed to introducing enterprise standards, cooperating with schools and enterprises, creating industry standards, and introducing international standards.
Beijing Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is mainly engaged in R & D, service and training of computer and network related technologies, and human resources services. Currently, it has established call and information services in multiple cities in North China, East China and Central China. Talent training base, currently has more than 2,000 employees, and has established partnerships with many state-owned and large and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic communications, e-commerce, finance, logistics and other industries. At present, the company is about to complete the B round of tens of millions of dollars of financing, and is entering a period of rapid development.
Beijing Institute of Applied Technology and Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. will work together to promote the deepening and development of strategic partnership. Qibu Technology Co., Ltd. will rely on its own resource advantages and regional advantages to carry out multi-level deep cooperation with Beijing Institute of Applied Technology through call center base construction and professional disciplines. Through close cooperation, the two sides will build a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership in the field of vocational education.
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