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Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Annual Inspection and Acceptance of the Modern Apprenticeship Pilot in 2019

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Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government Education Department (Education Committee), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Education Bureau, relevant units:

In order to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and implement the "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan", in accordance with the "Key Points of Work of the Ministry of Education in 2019" and the experimental work arrangement of the modern apprenticeship, the related matters of the annual inspection and acceptance of the pilot are now notified as follows.

I. Annual inspection

1. Unit self-test. The third batch of pilot units shall summarize the pilot experience and write a self-inspection report in accordance with the filing task. The self-inspection report should include: the annual task completion of the pilot, work effectiveness and innovation, funding availability and implementation, problems, improvement measures and recommendations, and work plans for the next stage.

2. Provincial inspection. Provincial education administrative departments shall strengthen support and guidance to the pilot units, review the progress of the pilot work in various forms, and form provincial annual inspection conclusions.

3. Review and inspection. Our company commissioned the National Modern Apprenticeship Expert Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as the special committee) to review the annual inspection materials submitted by local and pilot units, conduct on-site inspections and feedback improvements as needed. For units that are not working well or have caused adverse effects, the pilot program is terminated.

2. Acceptance work

1. Unit summary. The second batch of pilot units, the first batch of postponed acceptance units, and the first batch of postponed first batch of pilot units must respectively write a summary report and provide supporting materials against the filing tasks, annual inspection opinion form and expert acceptance opinions. The summary report should include: the completion of the pilot objectives, work effectiveness and innovation, funding availability and implementation, problems, improvement measures and recommendations, and work plans for the next stage.

2. Provincial acceptance. Provincial education administrative departments should do a good job of provincial acceptance, form a provincial acceptance conclusion, and write a provincial pilot work report. The provincial pilot work report should include: the overall progress of the pilot work in the province, work results and innovations, organizational guarantees, support policies, funding, problems and solutions, and work plans for the next stage.

3. Review of results. Our company commissioned the special committee to review the acceptance materials submitted by local and pilot units, and organize on-site acceptance according to actual needs, and announced the acceptance results in a timely manner.

Relevant requirements

1. Case recommendation. Provincial education administrative departments must recommend five typical cases in terms of enrollment, talent training, teaching staff, management innovation, etc. in accordance with the local modern apprenticeship work. National industry organizations undertaking pilot tasks can recommend 2 typical cases based on actual work. The content of the case should be clear, with pictures and text, detailed data, and have the role of demonstration and promotion. The number of words in each case should be controlled within 1500 words.

2. Material submission. The annual inspection and acceptance materials of the pilot units must be uploaded to our portal's modern apprenticeship pilot work management platform (hereinafter referred to as the management platform) on August 20-28, 2019. The electronic version of the provincial pilot work summary report must be uploaded to the management platform before September 10, and the paper version (1 copy, with a summary of the provincial annual inspection and acceptance results) must be submitted to our company by September 18. The national industry organizations undertaking the pilot tasks must submit annual inspection or acceptance materials to our company in accordance with the above requirements.

Contact information

Mailing address: Higher Vocational Development Division, Department of Professional Education, Ministry of Education, No. 37, Mucang Hutong, Xidan, Beijing (Postal Code: 100816)

Contact of Department of Professional Education, Ministry of Education: Shi Fanfeng Ren Zhanying

Phone / Fax: 010-66096232

Email: sfgz@moe.edu.cn

Management platform technical support contact person: Wang Hui

Phone: 020-36409726 13360721716

Department of Vocational Education and Adult Education, Ministry of Education

May 30, 2019

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