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Roadmap of Beijing Institute of Applied Technology

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Subway (bus) route:
Route 1: Get off at Changping Station of Metro Changping Line, exit A, it is recommended to take a taxi for 10 minutes. Or change to Route 665/870/357 / Chang 11 (Changping South Street Station), take 1 stop to Changping Xiguan Station, change to Chang 67 Road, take 2 stops, Base) Get off the bus.
Route 2: Get off at Nanshao Station on the Changping Line of the subway, change to Chang 67 and get off at the Youth Education Base.
Route 3: Take bus 872 to Deshengmen (Jieshuitan) Station and get off at Changping Pitou Village Station.
Route 4: Shisanling Station on Changping Line, 15 minutes walk from Beijing Institute of Applied Technology.
Self-driving route:
Take the G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway (formerly Badaling Expressway) north, exit from Jingyin Road / G110 / Shisanling / Changping Xiguan Exit to the right to enter the original G110 auxiliary line, go straight into the roundabout, take exit 3 and enter Jingyin Road straight 2 Kilometers away.

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