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Ministry of Education: In principle, at least one undergraduate college in each province has a major in housekeeping

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Xie Li, deputy director of the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education, introduced at a briefing held by the Information Office of the State Council on the 5th that the Ministry of Education will implement the "Opinions on Promoting the Quality and Capacity Expansion of the Domestic Service Industry" of the General Office of the State Council to further improve Professional structure, expanding the scale of domestic service personnel training.

Xie Li said that the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the training and training of domestic service personnel, and actively provides talent and intellectual support for the development of domestic service industry. In terms of professional settings, there are currently dozens of related majors such as housekeeping service and management, and home economics in the professional directory of secondary vocational, higher vocational and general undergraduates, and more than 3,000 related professional sites have been set up. In terms of innovative talent training models, 62 units have launched modern apprenticeships around domestic service-related majors, and 141 vocational colleges have demonstrated their role as radiating models for senior care and health services.

He pointed out that currently there are still problems in the training of domestic service talents in terms of new professional formats and inadequate connection of professional settings and teaching content, the scale of training needs to be further expanded, and school-enterprise cooperation needs to be further deepened. Next, the Ministry of Education will continue to improve the professional structure and expand the training scale. In principle, at least one undergraduate college and several vocational colleges in each province offer majors in housekeeping services. At the same time, it will also deepen the integration of production and education, support qualified domestic enterprises to host vocational colleges of domestic service, give priority to supporting the construction of industry-academia collaborative education programs, and vocational education school-enterprise in-depth cooperation projects in areas where domestic services are in short supply, and promote more than 30 Demonstration enterprises in housekeeping, 50 colleges and universities set up vocational education groups.

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