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Beijing Academy of Applied Technology presents "August 1st Army Day"

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81日,是中国人民解放军建军92周年,在这个神圣的节日里,我校举行隆重的升国旗仪式并进行爱国主义教育。 August 1 , 2019 is the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In this sacred festival, our school held a grand flag-raising ceremony and patriotism education. 名学生一起,共同见证了这个庄严而神圣的时刻。 All the school staff and nearly 500 students witnessed this solemn and sacred moment together.

全体师生在广场集合, 7:00升旗仪式正式开始,在庄严的国歌中 鲜艳的五星红旗迎着清晨的阳光,在大家的注视下冉冉升起。 At 6:50, all teachers and students gathered in the square. The flag-raising ceremony officially started at 7:00 . In the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag greeted the morning sun and rose slowly under everyone's attention. ——起来,起来! All teachers and students sang the national anthem -get up, get up! Salute the flag.

We watched the national flag rising, and the national anthem resounded in our ears. We were proud of this solemn team ceremony, and we were excited because we were standing in front of the national flag.

"You will not hesitate in youth, but you will not do what you want." We only have a good grasp of today, a good grasp of youth, accompanied by the beautiful melody of youth, singing high, flying in the blue sky of youth, flying the sail of youth in the ocean of knowledge, sailing to the other side of the ideal.

I believe that under the training of the school, through the hard work and active efforts of the students, the students will become the pillars of the new era.

All teachers and students of Beijing Institute of Applied Technology
August 1, 2019

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