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What is the integration of production, teaching and research?

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Everywhere else we see, production, learning, and research belong to different, independent and independent operations. What our industry-university-research institute pursues is:

① Integration

The same legal person, same team, same system, same philosophy, same vision. That is: the three entities of industry, university and research belong to the same legal person, and the executive team with a clear division of labor is organized by them to put industry, university and research into a unified system and do it as a complete thing. Team members pursue a common philosophy and pursue the same vision.

So why choose such an integrated model? This is because:

② supportive

The integration of production, teaching and research puts "learning" above "production" and "research", creating a good environment for "learning". So that "learning" has not only strong financial support, but also a large number of employment needs, as well as the correct guidance of scientific research. Trinity, support each other, promote each other, and develop as a whole can the school's education career develop steadily.

Next, in the three entities of production, teaching and research, the school can fully operate and develop in the direction of "non-profit".

③ Non-profit

With the industrial foundation and professional R & D, the school is no longer a cost center, students become "knowledge", and education has truly returned to public welfare. Wealth is born, wealth is saved, and wealth is dead.
The integration of production, teaching and research is not a closed car, it is very open.

④ openness

Industry standard output, research courseware output, and school talent output are the internal circulation of our industry-university-research integration, but not closed loops. We build a platform and build a model, and all parties in the society are involved. Under the theme of cooperation, integration, development, and win-win, the strongest voice of the times is played.

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