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Shanxi University Business University

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The College of Business of Shanxi University was established in March 2001. It is an independent college approved by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Shanxi Province. It is a college that provides undergraduate education. The college is located in Taiyuan, a cultural city with a long history of 2500 years. The campus covers an area of 1,000 acres, and faces the enrollment of Shanxi Province and some domestic provinces (cities and districts). There are currently more than 17,000 students, 1,216 teaching staff, including 911 full-time teachers. There are currently College of Accounting, School of Management, School of Information, School of Economics, School of E-commerce and Logistics, School of Cultural Communication, School of Law, School of Foreign Languages, School of Art and Design, School of Music and Dance, School of Physical Education, School of Foreign Exchange, Ideological and Political Education There are 12 second-level colleges and two teaching departments in the Department of Mathematics Teaching and Research, and two teaching departments. There are 39 undergraduate majors, and a multidisciplinary professional system with management, economics, and literature as the main body has been formed.

The college environment is elegant and the school facilities are complete. The building area of the school building is 337,400 square meters, including 135,700 square meters of teaching and administrative space, and 127,000 square meters of student dormitory. 142 multimedia classrooms, 33 voice classrooms, a total of 12,100 seats; 100 modern laboratories, including a network information security laboratory, an ERP experiment (practice) room, a simultaneous interpretation training room, a mobile communication laboratory, and a microwave And Antenna Lab and Wireless Sensor Network Lab are all in the province's leading level; 3140 teaching computers; library area of 17,300 square meters, 3186 seats, collection of 1.27 million paper books, 1,216 periodicals, newspapers 118 copies, 200,000 e-books; campus network provides modern network services using 10 Gigabit cores, Gigabit backbones, and 100 Gigabit desktops, with more than 4,100 information points; stadium area is 71,300 square meters.

The college upholds the excellent tradition of running a century-old school of Shanxi University, rigorous and orderly teaching management, and vibrant campus culture. The college has established a school orientation of “leading to market demand and cultivating advanced applied talents with modern business concepts, innovative consciousness and entrepreneurial ability”. In the eighteen years of running the school, through continuous exploration and practice, it has formed a school-running philosophy that adheres to the principle of educating people, takes students as the main body, and takes teaching as the center; it persists in adapting educational concepts, contents, methods, means, and models to the application of talent training Requirements, and strive to create a good environment for application-oriented talents to stand out; adhere to the strengthening of practical teaching as the focus, the establishment and improvement of practical teaching system as an important content to improve teaching quality, and the application of information technology as an important means to improve teaching quality; Adhering to the "dual-faculty" teacher team as the main guarantee of school positioning and training goals depends on strength, comprehensively improve the cultivation of application-oriented talents and teaching level, in the forefront of the development of independent colleges nationwide. The School of Business of Shanxi University ranked 4th in the country in terms of comprehensive strength in the "2017 China Independent College Rankings" released by the "Chinese University Evaluation" task force of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences. In addition, in the Wu Shulian 2017 China Independent College Teacher Performance Ranking, I The hospital ranked eighth.

In previous national college student mathematical modeling competitions, national college student ERP simulation competitions, national college student network innovation application competitions, national college English competitions, "Challenge Cup" national college student extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, "creating youth" national college entrepreneurship competitions, national college students Advertising contest, national college student art exhibition, national aerobics exercise standard contest, national youth sports dance championship, China "Internet +" college student innovation and entrepreneurship contest, national college student e-commerce "innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship" challenge, and national college student electronic design competition He has achieved excellent results in many competitions. In the "Results of the Evaluation of the Training of Innovative Talents and Disciplines in Chinese Universities" published by the Expert Working Group of "Research on the Evaluation and Management System of University Competitions" of the Chinese Higher Education Society, the results of the evaluation of national college competitions in 2012-2016 (undergraduate) The top 300 list is on the list.

The School of Business has built a university with elegant environment and advanced facilities in ten years, and achieved the preset scale. It has also received widespread attention and praise from the public. However, it takes more than ten years to build a real university. How to strengthen yourself has become the core issue of the transformation and development of the business school, and how to improve the quality of education is the core of how to strengthen, which is the biggest core and the biggest challenge among the challenges. In the second decade of the development of the business school, the goal is to achieve connotative development. The business school will be built into a modern teaching university with significant characteristics and distinctive talents cultivation among similar universities in the country, and will serve the society. Senior application-oriented talents with a sense of social responsibility and application ability, innovation ability, and competitiveness make the School of Business of Shanxi University shine on the fertile soil of culture with a strong heritage of Shanxi business.

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