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Shandong Binzhou Vocational College

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Introduction of Binzhou Vocational College

Binzhou Vocational College is a full-time ordinary higher school established in July 2001 with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People's Government, combining Binzhou Agricultural School, Health School, Technical School, Economic School, and Binzhou Agricultural Science Research Institute. The central city, Binzhou, has a history of running schools for more than 60 years. The college covers an area of 3,549.71 acres, a building area of 803,500 square meters, a total asset of 1.78 billion yuan, a total value of 150 million yuan in teaching and equipment, and a library of 1.84 million volumes. There are 870 in-service faculty members and 668 full-time teachers, including 35 professors, 222 associate professors, 11 doctors, 271 masters, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from the country, and young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the province. 2 people, 8 experts from the government special allowance of the State Council, 6 teaching teachers in Shandong Province, and more than 30 professional and technical personnel with outstanding contributions. More than 20,000 students.
The college has 12 colleges of continuing education, college of biological engineering, college of electrical engineering, college of mechanical engineering, college of light textile and chemical engineering, college of nursing, college of medical science, college of accounting, college of business administration, college of information engineering, college of civil engineering, college of ocean engineering, etc. Two colleges, two teaching departments of the basic course teaching department, social science department. The 41 enrollment programs cover science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, finance, information science, architecture, arts, and navigation, and cover 57 professional directions, forming a professional group adapted to the economic and social development of the Yellow River Delta.
In March 2005, it was identified as the backbone backbone vocational college in Shandong Province by the Provincial Department of Education. In October 2013, it passed the first batch of national backbone higher vocational college construction inspections with an excellent grade. In September 2017, it ranked fourth in the province. Entered the first batch of high-quality vocational college construction engineering project schools in Shandong Province. Won the National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, the National Advanced Collective of the Education System, the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Cultivation of Skilled Talents, the Prosperous Labor of the People, and the Shandong Provincial Advanced Collective of Vocational Education, the Provincial Civilized Unit, the National Greening Model Unit, the National High Charm campus of vocational colleges, advanced units of health in Shandong Province, and a model school of governing schools in Shandong Province according to law. Established the first public training base for vocational education in Shandong Province.
First, adhere to the content-first development. Build 3 national quality courses, 3 national quality resources sharing courses, 64 provincial quality courses, 12 provincial quality resources sharing courses, 2 key majors supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance to support the construction of higher vocational schools, and 7 educations Ministry of Project Construction Major, 1 National Vocational College Demonstration Major, 2 National Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Majors, 5 Provincial Major Majors, 8 Provincial College Specialty Majors, 2 Provincial Brand Professional Groups, 3 Provinces Level modern apprenticeship pilot program, 1 vocational education training base supported by central finance, 10 provincial teaching teams. Won 3 national prizes for teaching achievements, 3 national first practice teaching design awards, 4 first prizes for provincial teaching achievement awards, 9 second prizes, 4 third prizes, and experimental teaching and experiment in provincial universities Three technical achievement awards.
2. Open doors and open schools. Adhere to the "service, integration, and leadership" concept of running a school and integrate into regional economic and social development. The Council of Binzhou Vocational College and various levels of school-enterprise cooperation organizations were established. Comrade Mayor Cui Honggang personally acted as the chairman of the college council, forming a school structure of "open doors, diversity, and diversity." Comprehensively promote school-enterprise cooperation, school-government cooperation, and school-military cooperation, build a marine college with the Provincial Department of Oceans and Fisheries, build a intellectual property college with the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and jointly build Marx with the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee School of Doctrine, co-construction of Sino-German Hexin International Exchange College, Wanda College, Green Capital College of Bioengineering, ZTE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Institute with partner companies; and Beijing Blue Moor Big Data Technology Research Institute to build a mobile cloud teaching big data research center. Carry out the service of linking counties and districts, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Yangxin County. Successfully approved as a national pilot training college for non-commissioned officers. Currently, there are two recruits in the Navy and the Air Force, including 3 recruiting majors in marine technology, marine engineering technology, and petrochemical technology. Co-construction research with Weiqiao Textile and Ruixin Carpet The institute has set up 9 master skill studios, and cooperates with more than 300 well-known enterprises such as Haier Group, Weiqiao Venture, and 36 well-known universities at home and abroad, including the Australian Federal University. Was named as the second batch of Shandong Province school-enterprise cooperation integration model school.
3. Serve regional economic and social development. Take social services as an important way to open schools, implement two plans to serve the "two districts" and serve Binzhou's "Transfer and Create" action, and were forwarded to the city by official documents by the municipal party committee and municipal government; relying on professional and technical personnel of enterprises in Shandong Province to continue There are 18 training qualifications, including education bases and Shandong province-level modern agricultural technology training bases, and actively promote the skills of enterprise employees. Each year, it completes more than 60,000 social trainings and achieves service income of more than 12 million yuan. Adhering to the scientific and technological R & D thinking of "from the enterprise to the enterprise", the Binzhou Applied Science and Technology Research Institute was established to actively provide technical support for enterprises. The technology jointly developed with the enterprise won the second prize of the Shandong Province Technology Invention Award; Shandong Province Modern agricultural cotton comprehensive experimental station settled in college. 10 scientific research projects above the provincial level have been approved, including 1 national 863 project, chairing the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Doctoral Fund, major blue-and-yellow theoretical projects of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and 1 each of the Provincial Agricultural Conversion Fund Project item. The new cotton variety "Binzhe Cotton" No. 1 was successfully bred, and the state-approved soybean "Binzhe Cotton" No. 1 passed the national crop new variety approval. Won 1 National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, 1 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, 2 Third Prizes, 1 Provincial Technology Invention Award Second Prize, 128 Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards; 35 National Patents; Published Academic More than 1,600 papers, and the core Chinese journals accounted for more than 30%, of which 38 papers were indexed by the EI and other international top four retrievals. The implementation of more than 200 transformation results, creating economic and social benefits of nearly 1 billion yuan. In 2017, he was selected into the "Top 50 Contributions to Service" by vocational colleges and universities in China.
Fourth, highlight the characteristics of cultural education. Continuously practicing cultural concepts, gradually condensing to form a "responsibility" school motto, maintaining the honorary title of Shandong Province's civilized unit for 11 consecutive years. Nine famous experts and scholars and advanced model figures were hired as special professors of ideological and political courses. Co-constructed the first prefecture-level CPPCC cultural and historical museum on campus with the CPPCC, co-constructed a campus bookstore with Xinhua Bookstore, established 2 corporate cultural centers, and planned to establish a regional cultural research center in the Yellow River Delta. People's studio, to create a campus culture symbol, so that campus culture "sees, touches, feels", and realizes the normalization of culture and culture. Actively create a one-hour cultural tour circle on campus, form a campus cultural landscape pattern of "one axis, two mountains, three districts, four lakes and five gardens", and won the second prize for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in colleges and universities in the country; The first public training base for vocational education in Binzhou. The construction of campus culture has won the National Outstanding Achievement Award for Campus Culture, and has been rated as a national model unit for greening and a charming campus for higher vocational colleges.
Fifth, adhere to the brand building strategy. Committed to creating the business card of the Skills Contest. Since 2012, it has hosted all the nursing events of the vocational colleges in Shandong province for 5 consecutive years. It has hosted all the nursing events for the students and teachers of the vocational colleges in Shandong Province. Won the Outstanding Contribution Award of National Vocational College Skills Competition. Students have won more than 170 awards at provincial level and above. Established a modern vocational education studio to carry out vocational education policy research and publicity work, becoming the first college in the country to illustrate the State Council's "Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education". Entrusted by the Ministry of Education, he has undertaken the design of the National Vocational Education Activity Week logo and promotional posters and has been permanently adopted. He has undertaken the review of the implementation of the National People ’s Congress Vocational Education Law and reviewed the provincial vocational education review. "Big country master craftsman" series of publicity, presided over or participated in the drafting of 12 vocational education documents of the Ministry of Education and the Education Department, and opened the "Words and Words" column in the "China Education News", becoming the first company in China to open a column in the "China Education News" Higher Vocational Colleges; for three consecutive years, undertook the online promotion of Activity Week, and assembled and published the "Wonderful Vocational Education Outstanding Teachers-Vocational Education Best Practice", which aroused widespread attention in the vocational education front. As the only higher vocational college in Shandong Province selected as a member unit of the National Vocational Vocational College's Teaching and Diagnosis and Improvement Expert Committee, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as a pilot college for diagnosis and reform, and successfully applied for the second batch of digital campus experimental schools in the Central Audio-visual Education Center. He is currently a member of the presidium of the joint meeting of presidents of national vocational colleges and universities. He has been elected as the chairman of the vocational college training committee of the China Vocational Education Association, the chairman unit of the China Nursing Education Alliance, and the vice president unit of the core competence branch of the National Graduate Employment Association. National University's Third Age University Alliance Vice-Chairman Unit and Leading Unit of Vocational College Working Committee. Approved to establish the first batch of "Confucius Institutes" in Shandong universities. Developed "3 + 2" counterparts through Qingdao and Qingdao University of Technology. Has successively carried out outstanding talents through the talent training work level, campus culture construction, moral education, fixed asset management, adult education level, Putonghua work and testing institutions carried out by the Provincial Party Committee College Work Committee, the Provincial Education Department, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and other departments. , Employment, ideological and political education, restaurant management, etc. Many media including People's Daily, Guangming Daily, China Education Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and Dazhong Daily reported on the school's characteristics of running a school.

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