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Yiyang Xiangsui Computer School

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Xiangsui Computer Vocational School was established in 1994. It is a multi-level, multi-form, multi-disciplinary full-time higher education diploma school with the approval of the provincial and municipal education authorities and the approval of the Ministry of Education. It has a vocational secondary school. The college also runs joint ventures with Hunan Normal University, Hunan Agricultural University, and other colleges and universities to carry out college and undergraduate correspondence education. It is a demonstration site for tourism education in Hunan Province, a continuing education training base for primary and secondary schools in Yiyang, and an entrepreneurship training in Yiyang (SIYB ) Base, Yiyang City unemployed and migrant workers skills training base. The college was rated as "Excellent Unit" by the Municipal Education Bureau for 3 consecutive years; in 2013, it was rated as "Yiyang Backbone Private School" and awarded the title of "March 8" Hongqi Group in Yiyang.

College teaching equipment is advanced. High-end computer network practice training room, multimedia interactive teaching room, large projection classroom, multimedia voice room, library room, reading room and other modern teaching equipment are readily available.

The college classroom team has excellent moral ability, rigorous scholarship, and reasonable structure. The college currently has 57 faculty members, including 32 full-time teachers, 23 of which are "double-teacher" teachers, 6 "senior" teachers, and 30 have a bachelor degree or above.

The college adheres to the "people-oriented" educational philosophy, strictly manages the school, and scientifically manages it. Dedicated to building a broad platform for the majority of those with aspiring to study and become talented, it is indeed a good place for students to learn!

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