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Xingtai Vocational and Technical College

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College Introduction

Xingtai Vocational and Technical College is a full-time ordinary university that focuses on engineering, recruits students nationwide, and trains outstanding technical and technical talents in the fields of production, construction, management, and service for the society. It is located in the ancient capital of the Five Dynasties, the hometown of Guo Shoujing, a scientist in the Yuan Dynasty, Xingtai City, a national garden city, has profound cultural heritage, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, and advanced information. The college is a military-civilian integrated vocational education-industry-research-research cooperative development alliance, Hebei Vocational Vocational Education Group, Hebei Vocational Vocational Education Group, and Hebei Provincial higher vocational college ideological and political theory course construction alliance director unit.

The college was established in 1979, and belonged to the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army in 1983. It undertook the pilot task of higher vocational education of the former National Education Commission in 1991. It was the first to be named "Vocational Technical College" in 1997. The college's key construction unit was transferred to Hebei Province in 2002 to become a provincial university. In December 2006, it was established by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as one of the first 28 national "model national higher vocational college construction plans". In 2009, it passed the acceptance test with outstanding results and became the first batch of national model higher vocational colleges in Hebei Province. In 2010, it was awarded the "Top 50 National Graduate Employment Typical Experiences" and became the first batch of " The national high-quality higher vocational college "project construction unit, the first batch of apprentice construction units of the Ministry of Education, was selected in the" National Demonstration Colleges for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform "in 2017, and in the" Top 50 National Colleges and Universities Typical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience ".

At present, the college occupies an area of more than 1,300 acres, a building area of 502,000 square meters, a total value of 180 million yuan of teaching equipment, a collection of 1.32 million volumes, a large library, a gym, a standard sports field, and a gigabit campus network. More than 15,000 students, including nearly 1,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 40 students from Russia, Cameroon and other countries; strong teaching force, 1128 faculty and staff, more than 82% of teachers have a master's or doctoral degree. "Teacher-type" teachers account for 86.25%, of which, there are more than 60 professors, more than 210 associate professors, more than 20 returning overseas teachers, 21 teaching teachers at all levels, and more than 20 teachers serving on teaching steering committees at all levels; There are more than 220 part-time teachers of enterprise backbones and industry talents; it has 6 key majors of national demonstration schools, 8 provincial majors, 15 national quality courses, 12 national quality resource sharing courses, and 23 provincial quality courses; published teaching materials More than 200 books, including 32 "12th Five-Year Plan" national planning textbooks; completed 7 vocational education research projects of the Ministry of Education, 54 provincial-level projects, and won the national level of higher education 3 second prizes for academic achievement, 4 first prizes for teaching achievement in Hebei Province, 6 second prizes, 8 third prizes, 1 first prize, 1 second prize, and 3rd prize for teaching achievements of the General Logistics Department 1 item.

Focusing on the development strategy of serving the country, the college has further promoted the service of the integration of military and civilians in the country and the construction of the Xiong'an New District. It has formed a characteristic professional layout based on "advanced equipment manufacturing, modern service industry, cultural and creative industries", and has automotive engineering and clothing. Engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, electrical engineering, construction engineering, information engineering, arts and media, economic management, accounting, resources and environment and other 10 departments, opened automotive inspection and maintenance technology, clothing design and technology, machinery manufacturing and automation, electrical automation 56 majors including technology, construction engineering technology, computer network technology, building decoration engineering technology, marketing, accounting, environmental engineering, etc. (among them, 4 applied undergraduate majors-mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, clothing design and engineering, vehicles Engineering, electrical engineering, and automation). Established 13 on-campus training centers, including automotive technology center, apparel industry technology center, footwear technology center, advanced manufacturing technology center, electrical technology center, information technology center, art and media center, and construction engineering technology center, with a total area of more than 12.5 10,000 square meters, with more than 240 professional classrooms, experimental training rooms, school-enterprise cooperation to establish more than 450 off-campus internship training bases; has Hebei Province clothing personalized custom technology innovation center, Hebei Province mechanical and electrical product design and intelligent detection applications Technology Center, Hebei University Automotive Engineering Application Technology R & D Center, Hebei Industrial Robot Technology Application Collaborative Innovation Center, Hebei Provincial Footwear Industry Technology Research Institute, Hebei Provincial Technology Transfer Center, Xingtai Transportation Enterprise Safety Production Standardization Certification Agency, Xingtai The City's Advanced Productive Services Industry Collaborative Innovation Center includes 13 provincial and municipal-level scientific research platforms. Government-school-enterprise cooperation has established 15 application technology R & D bases and 13 enterprise-based R & D institutions. They have collaborated on research projects to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The patent output of teachers and students has been outstanding, and has long been ranked first in Hebei Province in the "China's Higher Vocational Colleges Patent Output Ranking List".

The college has always stood on the first side of higher vocational education and teaching reform, adhered to the schooling philosophy of "technical school, military style educates people", created the "Xingtai model" of higher vocational education, and formed a "military style + professional quality" Talent training characteristics, adhere to the "school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination" talent training model, school-enterprise cooperation to jointly develop talent training programs, and well-known enterprise groups, former military support enterprises and scientific research institutions to establish long-term cooperative relations, and constantly reshape The new connotation of the "Xingtai Model" in the new era, innovating the education model of "differentiated training, classified into talents", implemented the "enterprise R & D into schools, schools set up stations into zones", and established a teacher-student collaboration "Shoujing Innovation Studio", Some majors have achieved "high-end customization", and outstanding technical and technical personnel training has achieved remarkable results. Graduates are welcomed by employers for their excellent business quality and professional ability, and the one-time employment rate remains above 99%.

The college attaches importance to absorbing foreign advanced education concepts and advanced education standards, and has carried out inter-school cooperation with Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Thailand, South Africa and other countries to explore new communication channels and cooperation spaces. In March 2015, approved by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education and filed by the Ministry of Education, the college and Schmackalden University of Applied Technology jointly launched a bachelor's degree education cooperation project in mechanical manufacturing and automation and automotive electronics technology. The “Xingtai Vocational and Technical College Students Overseas Internship Base” and the “Xingtai Vocational and Technical College Teachers Overseas Training Base” were established at the University of Applied Sciences in Schmackalden, and they continue to play a leading role in Sino-German vocational education cooperation. Established the Sino-Thai Language Cooperation Center in cooperation with Thailand and the South Africa Garment Branch of Xingtai Vocational and Technical College in cooperation with South Africa's Getty Band Vocational and Technical College, which is committed to training international high-skilled technical personnel in the new era.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the college will adhere to the school motto of "Integrating Morality and Responsibility" at the new starting point of the national model higher vocational colleges. Based on Hebei, facing Beijing and Tianjin, it will serve regional economic and social development. The college has been transformed into a technical talent training base and a scientific and technological research and development service base for regional economic development. We are united and focused on the connotation, and promote the construction of a national high-quality school. Accumulation and service, international school running and exchange, management system and mechanism reform, and brand campus culture construction have reached the domestic first-class level, built a comprehensive domestic leading, internationally renowned national high-quality higher vocational college, and further promoted the application-oriented vocational undergraduate project Pilot education, marching towards a comprehensive university of applied technology.

Six firsts:

-The first university in the army to run joint schools with local governments;

11 The first university officially listed under the name of "Vocational Technical College";

The first batch of "model vocational and technical college construction units" in China ;

11 The first independent vocational and technical colleges established with the support of the central government in the country;

One of the first "National Demonstration Higher Vocational Colleges" in the first batch of the country's Hebei Province;

111 The first batch of "National Quality Higher Vocational Colleges" project construction units.

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