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Baoding Fengfan Technical School

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Baoding Fengfan Technical School is a full-time diploma education technical school established with the approval of Hebei Vocational Education Department. Since the establishment of the school for more than 20 years, a large number of professional talents have been delivered to the society. Many have become technical backbones, some have moved to leadership positions, some have entered university studies, and some have become entrepreneurs. Has repeatedly been awarded the title of advanced technical school by higher authorities.
The school is located at No. 679 Tianwei East Road, Baoding, Hebei, with convenient transportation, elegant environment, strong teaching force, perfect system, advanced facilities and complete facilities. The school integrates teaching, accommodation and boarding, and implements closed management. Provide students with quality study and internship space.
Agricultural hukou students enjoy tuition-free enrollment, and rural students in poor counties and students from poor families can also enjoy a state scholarship of 4,000 yuan.
The school always adheres to the policy of enrolling students on demand, directional training, and applying what they have learned. Adhering to the teaching philosophy of "pragmatic and innovative, serving high-skilled talents in the society", the teaching principle of "all-round development, one specialist and multiple skills" is strengthened. Based on the principle of being responsible for every student, the school strives to achieve scientific education and standardized management. In addition, the school has spacious and bright computer rooms, fully equipped electrician practice rooms, fitter's practice rooms, preschool training rooms, dance rooms, piano rooms, art classrooms, auto repair workshops and other modern teaching equipment and professional practice venues.
The school has practical majors such as "Computer Applications and Networks", "Mechatronics", "E-commerce", "High-speed Rail Service and Management Employment Direction", "Preschool Education" and other practical majors.
Now, our school has cooperated with many powerful large companies in joint school running and order classes, and has established "Aircraft Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance Direction", "New Meier UI Design Direction", "Bank Financial Employment Direction", "Traditional Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy Employment" Directions "and other school-enterprise cooperation classes ensure that our graduates can achieve counterpart employment, high-end employment, and high-paying employment.
All the majors of our school are three years in school. The enrollment is for domestic junior high school graduates. The school's subject setting, teaching content, teaching focus, and practical links are all guided by market changes and corporate needs. While focusing on strengthening theoretical knowledge, the school pays more attention to students' practical ability to combine students' theory and practice, and to improve students' quality. At the same time, solid professional skills can better adapt to social development.
After graduation, all students will be recommended to Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Baoding and other state-owned or joint ventures for employment. Students who are willing to progress to higher education can enter higher education institutions. A good working environment and channels for further studies enable students to realize their own value while exercising their skills. The school implements follow-up services for students, eliminating their worries. Over the years, the employment rate and enrollment rate of graduates of Baoding Fengfan Technical School have remained above 99%.
Our school has established long-term employment cooperation relationships with major state-owned joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, and so on. So that students are guaranteed to graduate. While cultivating professional talents, the school also pays attention to students' moral cultivation, professional ethics and legal awareness, and regularly invites police comrades to the school for law popularization education, strengthens the concept of legal system, and enables students to develop morally, intellectually and physically, and adapt to social development.
For more than two decades, our school has cultivated and transported a large number of practical talents with strong professional knowledge and high operational skills for the society. Many students have become industry elites, corporate backbones, and have been well received by employers and parents.
"Good horses with good saddles, choose schools to sail." Teng Mingqiang, the principal of Baoding Fengfan Technical School, together with all the teaching staff, sincerely welcomes young people who are interested to apply for our school.

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